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  • June 11, 2017

    Our Wedding

    We invited you to our ceremony of happiness, surrounded by friends, family and redwoods.

  • July, 2017


    Holy shit – Rock climbing in Greece, mountain biking in Kyrgyzstan, hiking in Norway and swimming in Svalbard. See also: maps.

  • October, 2017

    Move to Irvine, CA

    Bhumy's now a triple-threat: a doctor, a professor and a researcher. Brett takes care of the dog.

  • A summary of 2017, a year so busy we didn't have time to do anything

  • A year of settling in to our city, our home, our marriage, and our lives.

  • All baby all the time, baby...

  • 2020 was real. 2020 had some fun. 2020 was not real fun.

  • What

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Fun photos of amazing times

Our Wedding

Woodside, CA

An Elopement

Yosemite, CA

The Honeymoon

Greece, Kyrgyzstan, Norway


Chicago, IL